John Krasinski Reunites 'Hamilton' Cast For Young Fan

Who would have thought John Krasinski could top his Steve Carell interview? The Jack Ryan star outdid himself by reuniting the cast of Hamilton for a 9-year-old girl.
On his new YouTube show, Some Good News, Krasinski takes some time to share the good things going on in the world right now despite the COVID-19 pandemic. This week he talked to Aubrey, a Hamilton superfan who unfortunately has to miss her trip to Broadway due to the global pandemic. Aubrey — being a fan of Mary Poppins Returns as well — got to talk to the star of the movie, and Krasinski’s wife, Emily Blunt on the Zoom call.
Little did she know another star from the movie would be waiting to “Zoom bomb” them. That’s right, Lin-Manuel Miranda hopped onto the call, shortly followed by the cast of Hamilton to perform Aubrey’s favorite song from the show, “Alexander Hamilton.” Not only did Aubrey get the amazing news that Krasinski is going to fly her out to see the show herself when it’s safe, but she got her own little concert from the cast themselves. Watch the whole thing below (skip to 8:27 for the Hamilton part).

Last week, Krasinski interviewed his former Office co-star Steve Carell for the iconic sitcom’s 15th anniversary. The two talked about their favorite memories from filming the show — The $200 plasma screen TV scene from “Dinner Party” is one of Carell’s favorites (he’s definitely not alone in that one). Skip to 5:40 to see the mini-reunion.

I can’t wait to see what next week’s episode brings!