Top 5 Reasons Why You're More Likely To Fall In Love Online Than In Real Life

When dating websites first emerged, they were saddled with the assumption that this form of social interaction was solely for singles who’d been unable to connect anywhere else. Online matching was seen as some kind of last resort. But times have changed, attitudes have evolved, and there are now an incredible number of vibrant sites dedicated to providing an efficient and convenient platform for singles of every gender. So why are more and more people choosing web browsers over singles bars? Here are the top five reasons why you’re more likely to fall in love via a date site these days.

You have such a wide choice

Picture this scene. A single walks into a bar or nightclub. It’s a Saturday night so the place is busy, with hundreds of enthusiastic patrons gyrating to the music. The individual approaches any number of potential dates in the course of the evening, trying to make a connection. There’s somebody they recognize from work. A person they tried approaching previously. The following week it’s the same scenario, and many of the punters are the same. When they go home and reach out to other singles on a dating site, the world is their oyster. Now their potential choice runs into thousands.

Online dating can be fine-tuned

When you sign up for a dating site like this , you immediately take control of your destiny. It’s up to you what you decide to mention in your dating profile, and when you search for singles to get to know better, you can filter your options according to your tastes. Just indicate your preference. You’d rather a serious relationship than a casual fling (or vice-versa)? Specify as much in your web form. If you don’t like the results you get, change the parameters.

There are no boundaries with the Internet

Dating sites have no barriers. When you start searching through the personal profiles, you might come across someone who lives a few blocks away. But you are just as likely to find yourself attracted to a single who happens to be located in Copenhagen. Or Beirut. Or Mexico City. You could end up building a rapport with someone from a different timezone, and with the advent of video chatting software, there’s no reason why you couldn’t pursue a fulfilling connection with a prospective partner from foreign shores. The Internet makes anything possible, and with cheaper travel availability, your relationship can become even less remote. 

Honesty is generally the best policy

People looking for dates in the real world often have their guard up. There could be any number of reasons why they like to play mind games when they’re socializing in bars or nightclubs, but a natural inclination to keep defensive is right up there. The difference with online communication is that people feel much more inclined to commit to a relationship. They’ve taken the trouble to register, build their profile, refine their search parameters. Why would they suddenly start lying now?

Dating sites are open for business 24/7

In the olden days, singles might see someone they liked in a nightclub but just not get round to making a move. They might have to wait a full week before returning to the same venue to attempt to kickstart their fledgling courtship. Online dating has made communicating so much more convenient. As you’re getting to know a potential love interest you can message them at any time, sitting on the tube or bus going to work, or last thing at night.

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