Watch Kelly Clarkson's Kids Crash Her Interview With Anna Kendrick & Justin Timberlake

Kelly Clarkson might have found her new co-hosts… her kids, River and Remy!
The OG American Idol star Interviewed her Trolls World Tour costars, Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake, on the at-home version of The Kelly Clarkson Show.
When Clarkson asked her guests to find “something related to them,” scavenger hunt style, both Kendrick and Timberlake came back with dolls of their Trolls Characters, Poppy and Branch. Clarkson took the challenge a little more literally, returning with her kids, 5-year-old River and 3-year-old Remy.

“We were just watching Trolls, so this is Branch and this is Poppy,” Clarkson said while holding her kids on her lap. “Can you say hi?”
River also adorably told Kendrick how much she loved her acting in the movie: “I love your acting, Anna!”
Clarkson’s kids, who she shares with husband Brandon Blackstock, are such big fans of the movie franchise, they were even a little wary of their mom’s character when she was mean to Kendrick’s Poppy in the trailer.
“My kids, they were just so concerned I was a mean one because in the preview it looked like I was mean to y’all because I was at first,” Clarkson told her costars. “They were so mad. They were like, ‘We can’t even, you’re not our mom because you’re mean to Poppy.’”
Honestly, I trust their judgment.

Clarkson was confirmed to be a part of the Trolls sequel in 2018. She will be voicing the mayor of the Country Trolls, Delta Dawn, and performing an original song. Timberlake received an Oscar nomination in 2017 for the Trolls song “Can’t Stop The Feeling.”
Trolls World Tour starts streaming on Google Play, Amazon Prime and more on April 10.

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