Musicians Are Making Their Own Music Videos During Coronavirus

The pandemic outbreak has impacted a countless number of industries and uprooted workers from their normal schedules and routines. Businesses all over the world are switching over to remote ways of getting their work done from home. However, there are still many collaborative industries that have encountered roadblocks. 

The multi-billion-dollar music industry is expected to lose millions of dollars in revenue due to canceled or rescheduled tours during the quarantine period. However, artists have continued their mission of creating music at home and even filming the music videos themselves. A predominantly collaborative industry, music videos are typically filmed on a set with a large number of people.

Artists Alesso and Liam Payne were working on a collaboration right in the middle of the coronavirus madness and in result their video production was stunted. The artists decided to take matters into their own hands and film their own. In the video, Alesso can be seen at his recording studio and Payne at his residence in London. Overall, while being something they had never had to do before the artists agreed that it was an enjoyable experience. Payne shared,  “Alesso was saying to me yesterday about the way the video feels really organic because we’re just doing what we do. It was nice not a huge crew around because people are always telling you how to perform and all. We both just got to put ourselves into it, which you don’t get the opportunity to do very much. I quite enjoyed it.” 

Watch their self-produced music video below. 

Additionally, band Twenty One Pilots have released a music video for their new song ‘Level Of Concern’. The song revolves around the uncertainties and fears the world is facing and how we can turn to our loved ones for support and comfort. The video features lead singer Tyler Joseph’s wife and their newborn daughter, as well as Josh Dun and his girlfriend actress Debby Ryan. The musicians will also be donating proceeds from their video to an organization called Crew Nation which provides funding for people in the music industry that have been put out of work.

Watch their video for new single ‘Level Of Concern’ below.