The 22 Most Creative Coronavirus Masks You'll Ever See

They say creativity is born out of necessity and these people are creative, to say the very least. Initially, the n95 mask was the only one recommended to protect yourself from catching this airborne virus. But recently, the CDC was suggested that any mask is helpful during these unprecedented times. Society took that suggestion to heart and made magic out of it. It has managed to pull a rabbit out of its hat and make it into a mask. It doesn’t get any crazier, creative, or comical than these masks you are about to see.

How did he fit his head in this?!?!

The slopes or the subway?

That’s one way to kill the virus.

They say an onion a day keeps corona away

“This is what happens when you put humans in charge” – the dog, probably

Coffee or coughy?

If social distancing was a person.

… Catwoman??

King Arthur’s version of UberEats.

Looks like he hasn’t read the news lately

Doesn’t seem like they’ll be going on a second date.

Even unicorns are looking for toilet paper

Girl, corona not stopping this fashion!

So maybe if I don’t breathe, I won’t be able to catch the virus. Sounds logical

Do you think anyone will notice?

Who let the dogs out! Woof Woof Woof Woof Woof

This is what you call versatility.

His wife did not approve of this …

… Neither did his.

Orange you glad that Vitamin C helps?

Where my dogs at?

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