How to Find 'The One' in College

Many of us live by a timeline, and it may go something like this: graduate high school, go to college, find ‘THE ONE,’ graduate college, get a job, get married and live happily ever after. However, finding ‘the one’ isn’t as easily controlled as some of the other aspects of life. It can happen when and where you least expect it. 
While most of us would love to have our forever person locked in by 25, it rarely happens when we want it to — especially for college students. Do you want some advice? Take your time, and don’t put all the pressure on finding love during college. You have enough on your plate already. Between homework, group projects, exams, and working, adding a relationship might not fit into the equation. 
Sure, you’ll go on dates, or you might already be dating someone, but will they be ‘the one?’ Maybe! But, in case it’s not, Top 10 conducted a survey asking married couples across the U.S. when they found ‘the one,’ to give you an outlook to the average person’s timeline. The survey revealed that both men and women had an average of two serious relationships before meeting ‘the one.’ After they met and started dating their partner, it took women an average of about four dates to know they found ‘the one.’ It took men an average of five dates to know their partner was a keeper. The main ingredient in the secret sauce is… wait for it… time!
So, take a deep breath. Despite what many romantic comedies tell us, most people go for a few practice runs, before they try out for the marathon. College may be your time to explore and practice being in a serious relationship. 
But, if you’re still not convinced that meeting your one true love will happen in its own time, here are a few tips to snag Mr. or Mrs. right before graduation. 
Have Fun With It
Contrary to popular belief, dating is supposed to be fun! Getting to know someone’s interests, background, likes and dislikes should be a rewarding experience. Look at it like this: you met a cool new person, and it’s your job to learn what makes them unique. You’ll also learn about yourself. If you keep the experience lighthearted, you’ll create a stress-free and relaxed environment. This can take a relationship far.
Say What You Want 
Be clear about what you are looking for in a relationship. If you want a relationship, express it to the person you’re interested in. If the other person doesn’t want a relationship, accept that. You’ll save a lot of time and get closer to your goal if you date like-minded people. 
Make Sure You Love Your First
When you love you, every relationship gets better and has a greater chance of success. So, take time to look inward and figure out what makes you happy and what doesn’t. Then, when you’re ready, take all of these awesome things and apply them to a healthy relationship. 
Remember, finding love in college is possible and can be fulfilling, but don’t feel pressure to find ‘the one.’ Your person is out there, just be patient.