Bebe Rexha Spills Her Beauty Secrets

Bebe Rexha is most notably known for her Billboard Hot 100 songs ‘I Got You’ and ‘Meant To Be’.  The singer also starred on The Voice as well as Songland as a guest coach and advisor. Rexha is the latest celebrity to share her secret makeup routine and beauty tips for Vogue

Start With A Serum

After cleaning her face, the artist uses a serum. Rexha stated that she has seen a massive improvement in her complexion since incorporating a serum into her daily routine. In fact, the celeb even uses two. “ I went to my dermatologist and they suggested this to me because I have super, super dry skin. Especially because I fly a lot, so this is amazing for hydration.” Rexha shares that she is also a big fan of the brand La Mer and their marine-derived skincare. 

Color Correct For Dark Circles

Rexha uses an orange-colored under eye corrector to help conceal any undereye darkness. Although it might seem strange to place such an unusual color there, Rexha assures that it works,“what this is going to do is counteract the darkness underneath my eyes and when we put my concealer on top, it’s going to look like my skin color.”

Apply Powder Before Liquid

The musician also has a very unique technique to finishing her base application. After applying concealer the musician takes a setting powder and dusts in under her eyes. She does this step before her foundation to lock everything in place. Traditionally,  powders are used as a finishing step during makeup application and used after liquid products.

Opt For A Pink Blush

Rexha swears by a pink blush. She shares that the hue is her favorite because “there is something about it that feels very youthful and fun.” Her favorites include the Rosy Glow blush from Dior and the pink powder blush from Kylie Cosmetics. 

Finish The Look With A Setting Mist

To complete the full look Rexha uses the Mac Prep + Prime setting mist. To avoid ruining her eye makeup Rexha sprays the bottom half of her face first and then the top making sure to steer clear from her eye area. Setting sprays can improve the longevity of products and are a great way to maximizing your makeup look.

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