Outfit Ideas for Working from Home during Lockdown 

Following the outbreak of coronavirus, thousands of people around the world have been instructed to work from home until things are back to normal. Working from home is actually not a bad idea if we take its advantages into consideration. For example, there is no need to commute for hours to reach the workplace. Reaching the couch from the bed is a matter of just a few seconds. However, there is one aspect of working from home that can be extremely confusing.  Most of the people working from home are clueless about what they should wear while working. 
It is important to remember that even while working from home, people are constantly connected to their colleagues, clients, suppliers, and other associates via different video-enabled remote working platforms. Therefore, it makes sense to dress decently while working from home. It is important to find a compromise between being too comfortable and getting ultra dressy while putting together a wardrobe for working from home. It is not really important to wear a suit and tie, but perhaps a T-shirt and a blazer can be a good choice.  Also, it is perfectly alright to wear the same outfit for two or three consecutive days.   
While deciding on your home working outfit, please remember that we sometimes feel more productive when we are properly dressed. Even if you are wearing sweatpants, go ahead and grab hold of the matching set. This will make you feel good about your look and comfortable at the same time. It is a good idea to layer a blazer, slip dress, or cardigan on top of a boyfriend tee. It is super easy to dress up or down in these basics, and it is possible to wear them in new ways over and over again.  If you are looking for a bit of chill, a romper or an easy slip dress can be great.  
Mentioned below are some work from home wardrobe essentials for you. 
T-Shirts: While working from the office, we are provided with an environment that helps us to be more productive. Achieving that productivity can sometimes get a little tougher while working from home. This is why comfort is extremely important for ensuring productive work from home. When it comes to comfort, nothing beats a comfy t-shirt. Opt for solid-colored t-shirts because when topped with a blazer, they provide a business casual look.
Jeans: While working from the office, we often have no other choice but to go out and out formal with trousers and skirts. Working from home provides us the flexibility of wearing jeans at work. Pick a pair that you can dress up or down, as the situation demands. 
Blazers: There is no need to sit dressed in all formals, even if you have an important call scheduled for the day. Wear any comfortable smart casual and pick a comfortable blazer or jacket to go with it. Simply put the blazer on before the call and toss it off as soon as it is over. 
Sweatpants: Many people look forward to working in sweatpants from home. Sweatpants are necessary at times because wearing a pair of jeans every day at home is not easy. However, don’t go all sloppy with your selection of sweatpants.
Jewelry: Jewellery is every woman’s best friend. There is no need to think that there is no room for jewelry while working from home. Opt for earrings, bracelets, and chains with a minimalistic but stylish design. You may visit Adina’s Jewels for more excellent ideas. 
Jumpsuits: Jumpsuits offer an excellent combination of smart casuals and comfort. They will not only make you comfortable but also create a professional look while working. If you feel that your jumpsuit is way too casual for the occasion, just simply throw on a solid colored jacket or a blazer.

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