Starbucks Preparing To Reopen In June?

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson announced that the company is planning to reopen stores that closed during the coronavirus pandemic. A reopening will utilize different store formats and timing and different areas and in predicting to return to normal operations in June.
On March 20, Starbucks announced it was closed all stores without drive-thrus, converting many locations to drive-thru and delivery only. The company also allowed workers to be paid whether or not they came to work, but those who did work received $3 extra per hour.
As of May 3, Starbucks won’t have the same approach. The company will no longer pay workers who are healthy but don’t want to come into the stores. The employees that don’t want to risk going to work will have to use a vacation day or their unused sick leave. Those who do choose to work in stores will continue to receive the $3 extra pay through the month of May. High-risk employees and employees that live with healthcare workers are still eligible to be paid without going to work through the Starbucks “Catastrophe Pay” program.
Johnson mentioned in the announcement that Starbucks aims to “exceed public health requirements” as it begins to reopen stores. The company plans to emphasize methods like contactless service, entry-way pickup, curbside delivery, and at-home delivery.

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