Here’s How Students Can Make Their Childhood Home Feel Like Their College Space

The COVID-19 pandemic we’re currently facing has thrown a wrench in every facet of our lives. The pandemic hits close to home for college students that are being displaced from dorms and college apartments as many heads back to their hometown to quarantine with family and attend online classes. 
For college seniors, the anxiety and stress of post-grad jobs is starting to settle in, if it hasn’t already. Many are coming to terms with the fact that their job search might look like the job search after the recession of 2008 – something they had no memory of but are quite familiar with now. With all of the stressors, whether it’s financial, health-related, or mental it’s important to take a step back and think about what you’re grateful for and accept what we now know is reality. Let’s face it, attending college at home full-time is not ideal for most. If you’re longing to feel some sense of normalcy and familiarity with your college life pre-pandemic, there are things you can do to achieve that. 
It’s said that your environment reflects your mood – so if your environment is what you’re needing to change, change it. Chances are that your bedroom is now not only your getaway but your classroom. Hang up photos of you and your friends throughout your room to remind you of them and fun memories. Rearrange your furniture to it feels like a brand new space and not your high school bedroom. If you have the means, consider redecorating. Head to Pinterest and look up interior design inspiration and add a few new pieces to your room, like a throw blanket, pillows, or wall art to spice things up. If you had a certain decor style in your college dorm or apartment, recreate that same look at home. If you want to start fresh and don’t know where to start, western and modern interior styles appear to be the most widely searched styles on the site. 
Being home doesn’t mean you need to revert back to your old life if you don’t want to. There are plenty of ways to make your childhood home feel like your college living space, even if it might not seem like it. 

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