Tom Holland Surprises Jimmy Kimmel's Son For His Third Birthday

Spider-Man is now doing children’s birthday parties!
Tom Holland surprised Jimmy Kimmel’s son, Billy, for his birthday on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Kimmel promised his son that Spider-Man would come to his third birthday party pre-quarantine, so now that we’re all stuck inside for the time being, Billy got the real deal during Holland’s remote interview.
“I have a favor to ask of you and that is this, my son Billy turns three years old today, we watched both of your Spider-Man movies over and over and over again,” Kimmel told Holland. “And we promised him that the real Spider-Man would come to his party. Now, of course, we were just going to hire a guy in a suit, but now nobody’s coming to his party, his party is just us, and I was wondering if you would say hello to him. I can’t guarantee it’s going to register, but would you mind?”
Holland, who’s social-distancing in London with his 3 roommates, gladly dressed up as Peter Parker and donned his New York accent to wish Billy a happy birthday.

“That is Peter Parker!” Kimmel’s daughter, Jane, excitedly said after Holland took his mask off.
“Hey, Billy, it’s nice to meet you. My name’s Peter Parker. I live in Queens, New York,” Holland said while Billy acted adorably shy.
“Jane, what did you say about Peter Parker’s face?” Kimmel asked.
“It’s cute!” Jane replied, before getting shy too.
The group, including Holland’s roommates from behind the camera, all sang “Happy Birthday” to Billy to close out the interview.
Holland also talked about the screenplay he’s been writing with his brother, Harry, that he just sent off to producers.
“We’ve sent that out yesterday to the first bunch of producers, which is actually more nerve-wracking than anything I’ve ever done in my career because I’m worried they’re going to actually find out that I’m really stupid and I can’t spell anything,” Holland joked.
The Spider-Man star has also been staying busy by working with The Brother’s Trust, “a charity set up by his family to raise much-needed funds for various causes; and participating in ‘massive pub quizzes’ as a way to ensure that a sense of community continues in this period of home isolation.”
He also mentioned that he’s been playing these pub quizzes with the Russo Brothers, who are known for directing movies within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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