The 5 Spring Fashion Trends You Can Still Wear During COVID-19

Our entire world has taken a turn over the last couple of weeks and so has the world of fashion. Many of us are confined to our homes during this uncertain time. As a result, our daily way of life, including how we typically might dress has changed. Here is a list of 5 spring fashion trends that can still be implemented while stuck at home.

Athletic Wear

Athletic wear is a great way to feel comfortable and stylish. Work out clothes are offered in a variety of cool colors and patterns and the fit of the clothes allows you to feel relaxed if everything that you do whether the task is tidying around the house or actually working out.


Shoes like slippers and slip-on slides are a great way to keep casual and warm while you are resting and watching tv at home.

Hair Accessories


Hair accessories have been a huge trend on the season’s runway. From headbands to beaded barrettes, a hair accessory is a nice way of adding an extra embellishment to an outfit. While lounging at home, try swapping out your hair tie for a silk scrunchie. Not only do they add a fun element to your hairdo, but they also protect your hair from creasing. 


Cozy and comfortable, sweats are the perfect article of clothing to lounge in while you are stuck at home. To take it up a notch, a sweatsuit set will ensure you are at maximum comfort whether you are working from home or spending time with your family.


Fanny Pack

The fanny pack has returned to the fashion realm for the past couple of seasons, and for this spring it functions as a great way to carry your necessities, whether you are going on a long walk around the neighborhood to decompress or to take the dog out.

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