Best 7 Yoga Mats For Your At-Home Yoga Sessions

Finding the right yoga mat is like finding yoga pants with enough stretch and a sports bra with enough support. When purchasing a mat though, there are a few boxes that need to be checked off as you browse: budget, thickness, material, and texture. For beginners, a softer mat is suggested which provides more cushion as compared to firmer mats that help with more advanced yogis with advanced poses. Buying the right mat can also prevent slipping, provides cushion to sensitive joints, and avoids sweat absorption. To help with the search, here are 7 of the best yoga mats.

Manduka PRO Yoga Mat 6mm

A mat on the higher price range but if you’re someone with frequent practice then it’s a great investment. It’s more suitable for those practicing Hatha or more gentle styles.

Gaiam Classic Solid Color Yoga Mats

If you’re just starting out your yoga journey and not particularly concerned with thickness then this is the best place to start. It’s thick enough for everyday use and affordable so that money you save on your mat you can use for classes.

Manduka eKO Lite Yoga Mat 4mm

This mat is perfect for someone who likes less cushion and is practicing Ashtanga, or strong and quick vinyasa practices.

Lululemon The Reversible Mat 5mm

This mat from Lululemon provides just enough padding and support to take you from a plank to downward dog. It also absorbs sweat easily so the next yoga session is a breeze.

Moon Phases Cork Yoga Mat

Scoria Etsy
An eco-friendly mat with no toxins and no chemicals that’ll expand your yoga experience by bringing you closer to the earth.

Gaiam 2-Color Yoga Mat 4mm

To perfect your posture try buying a thinner mat – 3mm or 4mm. Thin mats are good for practicing standing and balancing postures as it gives you a more concrete connection to the earth.

Fit Smart Yoga Mat

Backslash Fit Smart Yoga Mat

Backslash Amazon

This mat not only rolls up on its own but also comes with Amazon Alexa command that can guide you through a yoga routine.

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Beyoncé Donates $6m to Coronavirus Mental Health Efforts
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