Grab the Sunscreen: These are the US Cities You'll Age Fastest In

As news of quarantine coming to an end continues to circulate the media, we’re all looking forward to one thing to relieve our cabin fever – summer. With warm air and short sleeves directly upon us, we’re ready to bask in the sun’s tingling rays, but before we do so, it’s important to develop a skin protection routine to navigate through such a fiery season.
The rise in temperature associated with summer leads to an increased intensity and exposure of ultraviolet (UV) rays caused by the sun. Despite how great these rays feel on our skin, they actually promote a serious aging process with direct responsibility for breaking down our skin’s elasticity and causing wrinkles. In most cases, avoiding this exposure is incredibly difficult because many of us enjoy spending time outdoors, or achieving a sun-kissed look, but luckily for us, there are ways to combat the aging process, and here’s how: 
According to the University of Wisconsin’s health department, using a broad-spectrum sunscreen is first on their list of skincare basics for the summer. They recommend using sunscreen with an SPF protection level of 30 or higher and reapplying it every two hours. In addition to sunscreen, the university also recommends wearing protective clothing such as baseball caps and any kind of material with the label “UPF”. Wearing clothing labeled UPF means it has UV-blocking capabilities that can protect our skin while we spend time in the sun.
Another way to ensure a graceful aging process is to avoid vacationing in places with high UV indexes. A study conducted by Coventry Direct found that the top U.S cities where people were most likely to age had a high UV index, a surplus of tanning salons, and many beach locations. In their findings, they reported Miami and Tampa as the top cities that people were most likely to age in, and ironically, they’re both in Florida. Although the sunshine state is an iconic place for vacation and beach-going, there are other states that can provide good tiding and serene beaches as well, all without such high risks of skin-damage. 
If you want to discover what cities you’re least likely to age in, check out Coventry Direct’s full study above, and don’t forget to create your own list of skincare basics for the summer. Stay young, friends!

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