Top 12 Spring 2020 Fashion Trends

Spring is almost here. It’s time to reorganize our closets and bring out the warm weather clothes again. While resifting clothing items though, there may be a few new pieces to add to our shopping lists to stay on trend with the upcoming spring fashion. Or maybe a wardrobe makeover is in place. Either way, if you’re wondering what to wear as the temperature rises and the heavy sweaters get put away, here are 12 of the biggest spring fashion trends to look out for (and maybe even add to your look).

Bra Tops 

Urban Outfitters
Minimal fabric doesn’t mean the style can’t be chic. With options that range in materials from knit to snakeskin, these are bras you’re going to want to show off.


The longer the better. This one just adds a bunch of drama to the look and it’s just fun to move around in.


A breezy, effortless style that also reflects a sense of elegance.


Knit styles are not going anywhere for the warmer months but these are better because the see-through fabric is ideal for beachwear to streetwear.

Green Suits

Yes, while black or navy pantsuits are the iconic symbols of professionalism, choose a color to make a statement whether you’re walking into the office or strutting around town.

Statement Bows

You are a gift, show it. A bow can be the statement piece of the outfit or you can blend it in more subtly.

Pink Ruffles 

A little blast from the past, reintroducing the 80s dream.

Puff Sleeves 

A bold silhouette made popular and even more so come spring.

Sheer, Monochrome Dresses

Choose a color and then make a see-through.

Unique White Button-Downs 

A boring white shirt just won’t do. Step it up with oversized sleeves, open shoulders or a cropped cut.


Take some solid colors and make things more interesting with some texture.


Mocure Shiny Metallic Sweatpant Holographic Jogger Pants Tapered Pant with Pocket for Women


Blind people with your style. Stand out with the whole spectrum of color.

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