The 5 Apps That Will Get You Through Quarantine

While some cities are lifting lift shelter in place orders, other towns across the nation have just announced that they will be extending quarantine for the month of May. Here are 5 apps that will help you avoid going stir-crazy.



This free app offers hundreds of podcasts to listen to. Whether you are interested in topics like cooking or gardening techniques, you can find podcasts on just about anything. Celebrities have even jumped on the bandwagon, with actors Dax Shepard, Anna Faris, RuPaul, and even Gwenyth Paltrow. 



Trying to learn a new language is hard, but Duolingo makes it easy! This app offers a fun and interactive way of learning and dozens of languages from Japanese to Polish and Swahili. The best part is that learners can customize a pace that works for them, whether they want to dedicate five minutes a day or more than an hour.



If you’ve found an abundance of unwanted things after decluttering your home, you’re not alone! List your new or gently used items on to Poshmark to make some extra cash. You can sell everything from clothes to accessories to homeware and decor. Simply post a picture, create your own price, and mail the item to receive some extra cash. 

House Party


Keep in touch with all of your friends and loved ones during quarantine! This video app allows you to video chat with us to eight people at once. You can even integrate games like Ellen Degeneres’ game ‘Heads Up’ and play with your friends virtually.

Tik Tok


Quarantine days feel long and slow. To help pass the time entertain yourself with Tik Tok. This platform features a variety of lip-syncing, dance, and pop culture short videos. Dance tutorials, whipped coffee recipes, and videos of cute cats will make sure to keep you entertained. You can even upload your own videos, too! 


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