LISTEN: Kehlani’s New Album ‘It Was Good Until It Wasn’t’: Stream & Download

Singer Kehlani is back with the release of her sophomore album titled ‘It Was Good Until It Wasn’t’. Kehlani, born Kehlani Ashley Parrish, found her love of music as a member of a teen music group called Poplyfe. In 2014, the singer released her first mixed tape titled, Cloud 19. Her most popular songs include ‘Nights Like This’ and ‘Gangsta’, which was featured on the soundtrack of hit movie ‘Suicide Squad’.

During the album live stream, Kehlani talked about the difference between creating her second album and the previous works she’s created. She shared, “The difference is that I didn’t try to make pop music. I think on Sweet Sexy, Savage there was quite a lot of pop songs, that’s just what I was it at the time. And this is where I really wanted to zone and make an R&B project and I just wanted it to be very mature and I wanted it to tell a story and be concise, I wanted to be in one world. I was telling kind of a more melancholy story, it wasn’t time for the uptempo songs on this album. This is the kind of story I tried to tell with this.” 


Kehlani also shared that the album is dedicated to her late friend, Lexii Alijai, who passed away this New Year’s Eve.  Alijai was featured on a track from Kehlani’s first album. The final song of the latest album is not only a tribute to Alijai, but she is also featured on the track. 


Watch the music video for Open (Passionate) below.


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It Was Good Until It Wasn’t Tracklist 

  1. Toxic
  2. Can I (ft. Tory Lanez)
  3. Bad News
  4. Real Hot Girl Skit 
  5. Water 
  6. Change Your Life (ft. Jhene Aiko) 
  7. Belong To The Streets Skit 
  8. Everybody Business 
  9. Hate The Club (ft. Masego) 
  10. Serial Lover 
  11. F&MU
  12. Can You Blame Me (ft. Lucky Daye) 
  13. Grieving (ft. James Blake)
  14. Open (Passionate) 
  15. Lexii’s Outro (ft. Lexii Alijai)
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