Robert Pattinson Shot His Own GQ Cover While In Quarantine

Robert Pattinson took it upon himself to do his own photoshoot in quarantine.

The newest Batman actor is currently quarantined in London, with the U.K. being the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in Europe. Of course, that makes it kind of hard for the actor to have a photoshoot for the cover of GQ. Lucky for us, Pattinson’s pretty good with a camera and snapped a few mirror pics as well as some self-timer shots.

Although the shots are pretty cool, the interview is truly a work of art in its own right. Pattinson talked everything from not working out despite pleas from his personal trainer (who was hired by his film studio) to learning you can make pasta in the microwave. Not to brag, but I figured that out freshman year of college, Rob.

“Literally, I’m just barely doing anything,” he said of working out. “I went for a run around the park today. I’m so terrified of being, like, arrested. You’re allowed to run around here. But the terror I feel from it is quite extreme.”

On the whole microwave pasta thing, it seems like he’s not a huge fan of the shortcut. “Yesterday I was just googling, I was going on YouTube to see how to microwave pasta. Put it in a bowl and microwave it. That is how to microwave pasta,” he said. “And also it really, really isn’t a thing. It’s really actually quite revolting. But I mean, who would have thought that it actually makes it taste disgusting?”

This is a pretty ironic claim coming from the man who also told GQ about his love for canned tuna and Tabasco sauce. “Like, I eat out of cans and stuff. I’ll literally put Tabasco inside a tuna can and just eat it out of the can…it is weird, but my preferences are…just sort of eat like a wild animal. Like, out of a trash can.”

I did just admit to microwaving pasta since I was 18, though, so who am I to judge?

“I think everybody thinks it’s a pretty weird time,” Pattinson said of quarantine.

According to Insider, the fashion industry has been adapting to social distancing by doing FaceTime photoshoots. Vogue Italia recently did one with supermodel Bella Hadid. I guess Pattinson and Hadid have something in common now (besides their connection to the name Bella).

For now, I’ll leave you with this: