The 5 Books To Read While You Self Isolate At Home

Bored out of your mind? Who would have thought that relaxing at home could get boring so quickly? Books have always had the ability to transport us to different worlds, and these five books are sure to help us take our minds off being stuck inside all day.

We Wish You Luck

Three mysterious and popular graduate students, Leslie, Hannah, and Jimmy are the talk of campus. But when a young bestselling author arrives at school as a visiting professor things quickly turn dark and get out of hand. The trio came to the university to become legendary writers, and so they write. Their first story: We Wish You Luck.

Little Fires Everywhere

This novel revolves around the residents of Shaker Heights, Ohio. Elena Richardson is an uptight and strict housewife, while Mia Warren is a single mother that drifts from place to place. Mia’s arrival in town causes ripples of unfamiliarity in Elena’s life, and slowly the two become enemies. In another part of town, one of Elena’s close friends adopts a Chinese-American baby that results in a messy custody battle. When a fire burns down the Richardsons house one day, the entire town has reason to form their own suspicions.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying

If you haven’t read this book yet, now is the perfect chance! Japanese cleaning consultant Marie Kondo takes you through an eye-opening minimizing process to declutter your living space. Kondo’s revolutionary method of decluttering dives into sorting items in categories and determining whether they ‘spark joy’. If you’ve been overwhelmed with the amount of stuff you have accumulated in your space now is a great time to give this book a read.

An Assassin’s Guide to Love and Treason

Set in the 16th century, this story follows Lady Katherine whose father has been murdered for treason. While looking into his death she uncovers a huge secret – that her father created a plan to murder Queen Elizabeth. Katherine decides to travel to the kingdom and fulfill her father’s mission by posing as an actress for the queen’s newest Shakespeare play. But when Katherine meets Toby, another actor in the play, Katherine starts to realize that everything is not what it seems.

All Along You Were Blooming: Thoughts for Boundless Living

Morgan Harper Nichols’ new book of poetry provides the sanctuary of poems and prose to uplift one’s spirit, especially in such worrisome times. Nichols writes with the affirmation that there is a purpose to every season and that in each small moment, whether good or bad we can “make room for becoming, for breathing, for stumbling, and for simply being.”

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