Sarah Paulson Reacts To Everyone Saying She Looks Like Adele

Of all the people I’ve been told I looked like in my life, I’ve never been so privileged to be told my doppelganger is Adele. (The guy from Dog with a Blog, however, I’ve been told is my twin).

The internet has been going crazy about how much Adele looks like Sarah Paulson — two of the most beautiful and talented people ever — after the singer posted this pic to Instagram:

For reference, here’s a picture of Sarah Paulson:

They look like two elegant, magical twins, right? Right. People have been tweeting about the uncanny resemblance ever since Adele posted her photo.

Also, isn’t that flower wreath Adele is standing inside of super witchy and perfect for American Horror Story: Coven? I 100% nominate Adele to be a superstar witch just like Stevie Nicks is in the show (and possibly real life).

Paulson finally responded to the claims that she and Adele are one and the same on SiriusXM’s EW Live, “This has been going on for a while, this ‘Adele looks like Sarah Paulson,'” she said. “Listen, I’ll take it. What I wish they were comparing is my talent to her talent and saying that mine is as great as hers. Quite honestly…they can’t say. Because no one’s talent is as great as hers. Which is really irritating. Looking like her? She’s a beauty! I’ll take it.”

I would beg to differ, Ms. Paulson. While both women are extremely beautiful (probably because they have the same face), they are also both insanely talented. Adele has won numerous awards for her music, including multiple Grammy Awards, and Paulson has taken home Emmy, Golden Globe and SAG Awards for her incredible performances.

I’ll be binge-watching AHS while listening to 25 on repeat if you need me.

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