Salice Rose Girlfriend 2022: Who is Salice Dating Now?

With over 13.6 million followers and fans online, Salice Rose is a 25-year-old bisexual influencer best known for her passions in music and dance. The bilingual Peruvian/ American influencer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist is extremely passionate about her fanbase and connecting with her fans. From stories about being a troubled teen to turning her life around, and becoming a successful businesswoman, Salice Rose has inspired her fans to pursue their dreams and follow their passions. Even though Salice Rose keeps her dating life extremely private through social media platforms such as Instagram, here are a few individuals who she might have dated.

Salice Rose might be seeing a girl named Briylnn.

Salice Rose’s dating history is very private, that much is known. She mentions her last ex in a few of her videos, explaining how her ex was abusive and toxic. Fans got a glimpse of Salice Rose’s dating life when she posted a video on youtube where she introduced her girlfriend Brilynn. This video was posted last year around August 2019. The video has long been taken down and many fans have speculated that they are no longer together. Salice Rose has posted many videos like “MY EX IS STALKING ME (PROOF), OPENING UP ABOUT MY ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP, I MISS MY EX-GIRLFRIEND, I WAS ENGAGED A COUPLE OF TIMES.” The YouTuber and influencer never fails to be honest with her fans. Currently, after looking through her youtube videos, there is no evidence of a boyfriend or girlfriend being in any of her videos. We will never know if Salice Rose is still seeing the girl she was seeing due to how private her dating life is. All we can do is wait and see how things turn out for the better.



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