Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Redd Scamming: Must-See Details

During Covid-19, Animal Crossing New Horizons has become one of the biggest games on the market. It has sold a total of thirteen million copies worldwide. After the release of the new update on the game, which came out on April 23, players were given a Nature Day seasonal event, a museum expansion with an Art Gallery, Leif, and Jolly Redd as new merchants and hints at future events like Wedding Season, and much more. Nature day ran from April 23 to May 4th, giving us a glimpse of how to celebrate our real-life Earth Day, which is on April 22nd. This update also gives us a glimpse at future events, including May Day Tour from May 1 – May 7, International Museum Day from May 18 – May 31, and the previously mentioned Wedding Season from June 1 – June 30. The game will introduce players to Leif, who will visit your island to sell his flowers and shrubs. Jolly Redd the fox will bring his Treasure Trawler boat to your shores and will offer artwork and furniture in exchange for bells.

Redd Might Be Scamming Players In More Ways Than One.

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After stumbling upon a very interesting twitter trend by an Animal Crossing player, who goes by Ninji on twitter, he dumped some interesting info that he had discovered after playing the game and meeting Redd on his ship.

So for all the people enjoying the Animal Crossing New Horizons update, just beware of Redd’s scams and enjoy playing the game. As for @Ninji, thank you for sharing how to deal with Redd’s scams.

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