Krispy Kreme Offering Free Donuts To The Classes of 2020

Popular chain restaurant Krispy Kreme is offering a once in a lifetime deal to graduating seniors in the class of 2020. The chain is offering the class of 2020 a dozen donuts for free.
The reason for the free donuts? The COVID-19 outbreak has canceled and postponed graduation ceremonies for students across the United States. While some have taken more creative methods, such as virtual graduation ceremonies, not all are fortunate.
This donut deal is available at participating United States Krispy Kreme restaurants, while supplies last. While one could buy the donuts for the graduate, only the 2020 graduate is able to access the deal. The graduating senior must be wearing their cap and/or gown and be present at the purchase.
The dozen are available for free on Tuesday, May 19th. Anyone that wants to get the donuts as a present for a graduate could be purchased between Monday, May 18th to Sunday, May 24th.
The popularity of this deal has left some locations without donuts, but the chain claims on Twitter that they are working to fix that issue. Depending on location, one can order the dozen for delivery or curbside pickup. However, this deal is only available in-store and in-person in order to verify.

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