Legally Blonde 3 Is Coming With Mindy Kaling As Co-Writer

Since Legally Blonde made its debut in July of 2001, fans across the globe have admired lead character Elle Woods’s charismatic yet cunning nature. In fact, the film challenges a number of preconceived notions regarding women, with an emphasis on those who are blonde. The use of comedic relief in an otherwise inspirational story allows this picture to be classified as a cult-classic.
With such positive reception given to the Legally Blonde franchise, creators are pleased to bring back yet another installment – Legally Blonde 3! While Reese Witherspoon continues her role as Elle Woods, Mindy Kaling serves as a new addition to the team of writers.
In the past, Kaling has written for Golden-Globe nominee Late Night – a film shedding light on the tumultuous relationship between outdated talk show host ‘Katherine Newbury’ and fellow writer ‘Molly Patel.’ Kaling has also just released an original Netflix series entitled Never Have I Ever – a coming-of-age tale exploring the complex life of ‘Devi Vishwakumar’, a first-generation Indian-American. While these stories serve as great sources of entertainment, Kaling is also known to express a great interest in the romantic-comedy genre of film. Seeing that this is an underlying premise to Legally Blonde, viewers should expect a promising narrative with Kaling as a writer.
Witherspoon and Kaling are known to share screen space in the past. The pair served as part of an ensemble cast to a sci-fi film by the name of A Wrinkle In Time. Through filming, the two shared a close bond and were able to remain friends once production had come to a close. In fact, Witherspoon took her Twitter to say that she was ‘excited’ to have Kaling and Dan Goor as executive writers to the upcoming Legally Blonde 3.

With a stellar cast and exceptional screenwriters on the line, one can only hope that this film exceeds expectations.

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