Mental Awareness Week: 4 Ways How to Be Kind to Yourself

As COVID-19 left many trapped in their homes and feeling alone, many people have been struggling with keeping themselves sane. On Monday, May 18th, as we start the beginning of mental health awareness week, remember to check up on yourselves and others. Here are a few tips to keeping your mental health in check and relax your mind.

Social Media Breaks

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With so much bad news floating around twitter about the pandemic, many of us have become anxious and fear to leave our homes during the pandemic. Constantly scrolling through twitter or watching the news sadly won’t cure your pandemic anxiety. The news can be very helpful for knowing about what is going on in the world, but we can’t always depend on it. Every day spend an hour with your family or friends and put your phone down. This will help calm down your mind and relax your brain.

Meditation/ Guided Meditation

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Meditation and guided mediation are other great ways to calm down your mind and forgot about what is going on in the world. Apps such as calm and headspace are great apps that help with anxiety and walk you through guided meditations. Calm also tells sleep stories to help with sleep. Both apps are free but Headspace is thirteen dollars a month and seventy dollars per year. Youtube is also a great place to find free guided meditations to help you sleep or even stay calm during a rough day.  Whatever you use, meditation can help you stay calm during this isolating time.

Grind Later if Possible

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Remember that during this tough time, you won’t be able to get everything done all at once. If possible, take a nap or even do a hobby that you love. Remember that napping and sleeping in is never a bad thing. If you can work from home later in the day, take advantage of that and practice some good old fashioned self-care. Call a friend, take a hot bath, or even relax with some Netflix.

Be Kind to Yourself

Motivational and Inspirational quotes sets for Mental Health Day. Just breathe, how are you, you are more then your illness, love your mind, you are not alone, be more you, love yourself.


Remember to always be kind to yourself. After this week ends, please keep talking about mental health. We need more than just a week to remember to check in with ourselves. Keep demanding change for this issue. Remind others that it is okay to talk about mental health. We need mental health awareness every day of the year.

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