Lorde Updates Fans On Her New Album

Lorde has finally updated us on her new album!

The “Green Light” singer hasn’t released new music since her 2017 album, Melodrama. She took to social media last November to let fans know her album would be delayed due to the loss of her dog, Pearl.

“I have lost my boy, and I need some time to see the good again, to finish making this for you. It won’t be the same work — as anyone who has felt loss can understand, there’s a door that opens that you step through, and everything is different on the other side,” she wrote to her fans. “But when this great loss crystallizes inside me, and my chest rebuilds around it, hopefully I’ll be able to finish up, and share it with you, and we’ll all grow together, as we always do.”

Lorde sent out an email to her subscribers, letting them know she’s in a good place to be making music again. She wrote about how her hair is “big and long again,” and she’s “never felt more spiritually rich, and in touch with the voices that guide.”

“I started going back to the studio again in December, just for something to do, and to my surprise, good things came out,” she wrote. “Happy, playful things. I felt my melodic muscles flexing and strengthening. Jack [Antonoff, her producer] came over to work in the studio in Auckland, and I went to LA. It flowed. A thing started to take shape. And then, of course, the world shut down.”

She went on to write about how New Zealand, where she lives, is slowly opening back up after the coronavirus pandemic. “New Zealand is creeping back to normal. Shops and restaurants are open again. I’ve seen some friends. I feel so grateful for such calm, sensible leadership by our government, now more than ever,” she said. “I know you may not be afforded that where you live, and I hope you’re taking it one day at a time and trying not to feel too destroyed by the news. I’m thinking of you all the time.”

New music is definitely on the way, but fans may have to wait a little bit longer for it to be perfected (which is really a small price to pay for a new Lorde album). “The greatest treat I can give you is work that will last ten, twenty, thirty years. And that kind of work takes time,” she said.

“I’ve been looking at some of your notes online, and I can feel the (extremely sweet, EXTREMELY flattering) desperation creeping back into your voices,” she wrote. “You need it! The thing can’t come soon enough! I understand— I want nothing more than to feed you treats, pop perfect morsels straight into your little mouths. But as I get older I realise there’s something to be said for the pleasant feeling of waiting for something of quality to become available to you. You could have something of lesser quality much faster, but as the high quality thing comes into fruition, a warm feeling grows inside you. Do you know what I mean?” She also mentioned that she’s not sure when she’ll be able to tour again, but wants to be able to play festivals when it’s safe.

“I can tell you, this new thing, it’s got its own colours now. If you know anything about my work, you’ll know what that means.”


Lorde hasn’t been on Instagram since April 2018 (unless, of course, she has a new onion ring account). One of her last performances was in April 2019 at the You Are Us/Aroha Nui Concert at Christchurch Stadium in New Zealand.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to see her perform live again, soon!

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