All About The Newest Starbucks Summer Drink

Insta influencers, Vsco girls and Starbucks lovers rejoice! There’s a new “pink drink” on the block, and it’s here just in time for summer. Starbucks recently released their newest refreshing iced beverage on May 21st, kicking off the season in style with a dairy-free iced guava passionfruit flavored coconut milk drink. Starbucks also re-released its popular S’mores Frappuccino, a drink that’s basically a campfire in a cup but better. I set out to eagerly try the new Iced Guava Passionfruit Drink and have the details on what will soon be gracing everyone’s Instagram feeds with its vivid summer color.


This Friday morning, I set out to my nearest Starbucks drive though to social distinctly order this elusive new drink. I ordered a tall, which cost me $4.75 (a little steep, but in line with other fun colored refresher drinks). Starbucks knows how to get their money and know that anything pink will just have to cost a little extra. I asked for “light ice” because, as any Starbucks enthusiast knows, not ordering “light ice” is simply a rip-off. My Starbucks app allowed me to pay contactless easily (Woah technology) and earned my stars (always a thrill).


My drink arrived at the pick-up window looking remarkably like the infamous “Pink Drink” of a few summers ago (makes sense as both drinks are coconut milk-based). The soft pink, undoubtedly artificial, looks like a cute summer treat, and it took all of my might not to post a selfie of me with my newly acquired beverage. Unlike the “Pink Drink,” the Guava Passionfruit Drink doesn’t have the strangely textured strawberry slices in it or any other odd fruits, which I personally believe is a relief (the gross strawberries seem to be purely for looks).


Aww, talk about summer! The topical drink transports you to the beach with its strong notes of guava and passionfruit. There are also hints of coconut and pineapple, making the beverage combine pretty much all of the best tropical flavors out there. It’s very sweet, but tasty, resembling a liquid smoothie or sweet frozen treat. Using coconut milk makes the drink extremely friendly for dietary restrictions, making it easy for everyone to enjoy. The new refreshing highlight will be around through the end of summer, adding a little sweetness and fun to the tough times.