Kardashians To Self-Film While in Quarantine

With the emergence of the novel ‘Coronavirus’, the quality of life has since evolved in order to meet the regulations regarding social distancing and other self-care practices. As a result, a number of events have been postponed indefinitely and overall production has come to a halt. While this holds true for patrons across the globe, the members of the Kardashian clan adhere otherwise.

Amidst the outbreak, the reality hit show Keeping Up With the Kardashians was scheduled to film for their upcoming season. A season which was said to showcase their turbulent familial relationships, ambition behind their ever-rising business ventures, and glamour associated with their high-profile lives. In other words, a continuation of the narrative which led to their initial fame.

In order to decrease the risk of possibly contracting COVID-19, the Kardashians are no longer keeping physical contact with one another, and therefore cannot film as they would traditionally.  The executive producers, along with cast and crew, have reached a consensus to continue production however, within the quarters of their respective homes. To achieve such, the Kardashian clan will be given brand new iPhones on a weekly basis – ensuring high resolution and superior sound. While the other reasons behind the distribution of these iPhones remain undisclosed, one may assume such precautions may be put in place to warrant health and safety.

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When watching the ‘quarantine’ episodes upon release, you should expect a series of self-shot clips, confessionals (with the help of foolproof tripods), and family zoom dinners.

In conversation with ELLE magazine, Farnaz Farjam (executive producer of Keeping Up with the Kardashians) reports, “There’s usually around 16 hours of total footage, which is just enough for the show’s editorial department to string together storylines.”

While this particular form of entertainment is not ideal in such pressing times, fortunately, the production switch-up will likely have no effect on the shine fans take to the Kardashian clan.

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