Suki Waterhouse Boyfriends 2023: Who Is Suki Dating Now?

Being an accomplished model, entrepreneur and actor, it seems as though Suki Waterhouse has it all… but does she have the guy? Spoiler alert: she does. Keep reading to see Suki’s high-profile dating history as well as lucky guy she’s currently with.

Miles Kane

Every woman loves a musician and Suki is no exception. She dated Miles Kane, British Indie singer for The Last Shadow Puppets, from 2012 to 2013. Their relationship didn’t last and apparently Miles Kane even predicted their breakup in the lyrics he wrote for his band…yikes. Despite their zodiac signs (Capricorn and Pisces) reportedly being compatible, Miles and and Suki just weren’t written in the stars.

Bradley Cooper

Before you get too sad, Suki’s next relationship was truly worthy of envy. Suki dated American actor Bradley Cooper from 2013 to 2015. Between Suki and Irina Shayk, it seems as though Bradley has a type: beautiful, foreign models. Although Suki and Bradley’s relationship was filled with exotic trips and A-List events, it wasn’t enough for the couple to stay together. According to sources, Suki and Bradley split due to their 17 year age difference and the fact that he wanted a family and she wasn’t ready.

James Marsden

Now this next guy, however charming, was never actually confirmed to be Suki’s boyfriend… but there were some convincing rumors. In 2015, Suki was reportedly dating James Marsden. Like Suki, Marsden is multi-talented, having careers in acting, modeling and singing. You may be thinking that their matched ambitions would make them compatible, but you’d be wrong. The couple apparently only went on one date in Los Angeles before things ended quickly.

Nat Wolff

The next guy Suki was in a confirmed relationship with was Nat Wolff. They supposedly met through mutual friend and Nat’s Paper Towns co-star Cara Delevingne. While the couple were photographed together and there is picture proof of their undeniable chemistry, Suki and Nat only dated for a few weeks in 2015. Will Suki find her match? Keep reading!

Richard Madden

Although they were never photographed together, Suki was rumored to have dated Game of Thrones star Richard Madden. I know, this list keeps getting steamier. They reportedly met through mutual friends, but it didn’t last long and they only dated for a month in late 2016.

Diego Luna

Suki’s next love interest was a fellow cast member from her movie Bad Bitch. Suki and Mexican actor Diego Luna dated off and on a couple times from 2016-2017. But don’t worry. By now you’re probably losing faith in love, but I promise the conclusion of Suki’s love life will make you believe in real-life fairytales.

Darren Aronofsky

Suki’s next alleged relationship was short-lived but caused some talk. Suki was seen on a date with film director Darren Aronofsky shortly after him and Jennifer Lawrence broke things off. While their relationship was never made official, it did cause some to speculate why things were happening so quickly after Lawrence and Aronofsky split.

Robert Pattinson

Now for the happy every after we’ve all been waiting for: Suki and British actor Robert Pattinson have been dating since 2018 and are still going strong today. The two have reportedly been sheltering in place together during the COVID-19 pandemic. They seem extremely happy together and I bet they would be inseparable even without a required quarantine.