The 4 Things You Can Do On Memorial Day In Quarantine

Today, Friday, May 22nd starts the beginning of Memorial Day Weekend and for many, that means staying inside and following social distance guidelines. Many states have reopened or are in the first phase of reopening, which means you can go out as long as you follow social distancing guidelines and wear a mask. But if you are one of those people still staying in quarantine and not going out at all, here is a list of the four things you can do this weekend in quarantine for Memorial Day.

Get Creative With Chalk Art


Many people during this pandemic have used chalk art to thank health care workers along with delivery drivers for their service. Make a patriotic mural or even scribble a thank you note in your driveway or even a nearby walkway for the veterans.

Have A Mini Barbeque


Even though we are in quarantine and can’t see our family and friends, we can still enjoy the holiday. Enjoy a nice Saturday with the people you are quarantining with and have a barbeque. It’s still a nice way to enjoy the holiday without breaking social distancing guidelines.

Fly A Flag


This is one of the easiest and simplest ways of celebrating the holiday at home. When placing the flag outside your home, make sure you follow the proper etiquette and guidelines in the U.S Flag Code.

Watch The National Memorial Day Concert.


Even though most concerts and events are canceled, this event will still be held virtually on May 24 at on PBS. Actors Joe Mantegna and Gary Sinise will host a special presentation of the concert, which will include new performances and tributes filmed in different locations around the nation and renowned stories from past concerts. So, no matter what you do for the holiday this weekend, you are still honoring our veterans in one way or another.

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