Varieties of Sweaters for College Students

Men and women alike turn to sweaters when they wish to layer for cold weather. With many types of sweaters to choose from, finding the right one for any outfit has never been easier. There are three basic types of sweaters to consider when you go to purchase one. What are the benefits of each type?


Pullovers come in several varieties. Many people choose to grab a crewneck sweater, as you can’t go wrong when wearing it. Its simplicity makes it the perfect top for people of all ages, and men and women can choose from solids, patterns, mock necks, or intarsia knits. The options truly are endless. For those who want something a little fancier, the V-neck remains a staple today thanks to its versatility. Layering becomes effortless when this sweater is selected. However, don’t overlook the vest sweater, the turtleneck, or the zip sweater. Each offers advantages that should not be discounted when the time comes to pick out a new sweater for frequent wear.
When shopping for a pullover, you’ll find these tops come in a variety of fabrics. Cashmere remains a popular choice but can be costly. Wool is ideal for those cold winter nights, and many choose sweaters made of synthetic materials to keep the cost down. It’s a matter of personal preference more than anything else. When you are ready to make a purchase, try out Filly Flair. Here you will find a wide selection to choose from.


While many associate cardigans with Mr. Rogers and old men, these sweaters are actually favored by individuals of all ages. This open style sweater may be worn in a variety of ways, including buttoned up, belted shut or left open. When shopping for a sweater in this style, be sure to consider the different fabrics and collars offered. Don’t overlook sweater sets either, a wardrobe staple in years past that remains popular today. Many women love cardigans as they add depth and warmth to any outfit and can easily be removed when not needed. The cardigan can even be worn over a pullover sweater if the woman chooses.


Hoodies serve as the go-to apparel for many college students. However, there are times when a woman needs to dress up somewhat. She doesn’t need to pull out the little black dress or go with more formal clothing, but she needs something a step up from her favorite sweatshirt. This is where the sweater hoodie becomes invaluable. This sibling of the popular sweatshirt features a similar style but is made of fabric more commonly seen with sweaters. Women find they get the best of both worlds when wearing this top, one that is appropriate for meeting the parents or going out with friends for a night on the town without slubbing it. Some hoodies even come in cashmere today, as women love this fabric and wear it whenever possible. Once women see how versatile it is, they’ll want to buy more and have one for any occasion.
Sweaters are here to stay, but this doesn’t mean they have to be the boring, staid sweaters your parents wore. With so many styles to select from, finding the right sweater to complete any outfit has never been easier. When shopping, be sure to pick up some for family members as well. They’ll want the same benefits from their clothing as you are getting, and you don’t want them to feel left out. Start looking today, and everyone will have a sweater they love and want to wear regularly in no time at all.

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