The 10 Easy DIY Projects To Do In Quarantine

The days of happily binge-watching Netflix from morning til night may be gone, but quarantine is still not. Lockdown is making many people antsy to do something. So with all this free time on your hands, why not build something to show for it?

Here are our top 10 super easy DIY projects using items you may find laying around your home.

1. Rolling Makeup Vanity

Learn how to make this adorable vanity using a simple IKEA cart and decorations! There’s even a how-to for attaching a holder on the side for easy access to your flat iron or hair dryer.

2. Fluffy Pom-Pom Bin

This handy storage bin is a great place to keep any extra bedding you have, or to double as a cute laundry hamper! It’s totally customizable, so you can alter the colors or sizes of the pom-poms to add your own unique touch. However you decide to do it, it’s an adorable addition to any room!

3. Oatmeal & Honey Soap

Use ingredients laying around your kitchen to make these aromatic bars of soap! What better way is there to relax than making your own bath products?

4. Washi Tape Organizers

Upcycle some old cereal boxes into fashionable organizers using washi tape! It’s super easy to customize and is certain to keep you organized all throughout the upcoming school year.


5. Tasseled Instax Photo Wall Hanger

Spice up your retro photos by adding some card stock and cute tassels made out of yarn. The end result is a trendy, dreamcatcher-esque piece of wall art that can be a statement piece in any room.

6. Soap on a Rope

These simple yet adorable little soaps are easier to make then you might think! You can also add your own touch by using your favorite essential oils.


7. Chalkboard Paint

Learn how to mix your own chalkboard paint in any color. It makes for a quick and easy chalkboard backdrop for parties or your own personal use.

8. Kawaii Mason Jars

These super cute mason jars will add a bright touch to any surface, and are also very handy for storage! You can use them for anything from pens to markers to makeup brushes.

9. Pop Art Pet Portrait

Let your inner Warhol shine with these colorful portraits. You can use your favorite pet pics and do all the printing from home. How much easier could it be?


10. Coffee Mug Art

Learn how to give your plain old coffee mugs a new touch using a porcelain marker. This site gives you ready-made designs you can easily transfer to your mug, and gives tips on how to do your own freehand designs.

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