Here Is How To Sign Up For HBO MAX: Must-See Guide

Warner Media released the launch of their new streaming service, HBO MAX on all platforms on May 27. This new streaming provider will now include more than 10,000 hours of content for HBO lovers to binge the vase catalog. Unlike Netflix and Amazon Prime, which feature mostly their own originals and some others, HBO MAX will include all Warner Bros films and television shows from networks such as CNN, TNT, and TBS. Here’s how to sign up for HBO MAX and start streaming your favorite shows now!

How much is it?

The HBO MAX subscription costs $14,99 a month, but Warner Media offered a discounted price for $11.99 for users who preordered the service before the release. However, if you’re a current subscriber to HBO GO or HBO Now, you can log in with those credentials to access the service.

Where can I sign up?


If you don’t already have an HBO Now or Go account, you can sign up for HBO Max on their website here. HBO MAX offers the usual 7-day free trial if you are skeptical about the new service.

What’s the difference between HBO Max, HBO Go, and HBO Now?


HBO is a service offered to HBO customers who subscribed through their TV provider. It can be accessed through the app or online browser which includes all current HBO content. HBO Now is a streaming service only available to customers who didn’t subscribe through their TV provider, but through Hulu or Amazon as add-ons. HBO MAX is WarnerMedia’s platform which includes everything from HBO and their originals.

What’s on HBO MAX?


With an impressive library, users can expect a large content to stream. For starter, the service includes ALL of HBO which include award-winning favorites like, Game of Thrones, The Wire, and Ballers. The largest part of content comes from WarnerMedia, which is a part company of HBO. This includes networks such as Cartoon Network, CNN, TNT, and TBS that feature shows like Friends, Fresh Prince, and The Big Bang Theory. And like Disney+, HBO MAX features comics with over 2,00 movies from the DC Universe.

If you’ve been pondering adding HBO to your list of streaming, now is a better time than any to enjoy your favorites all on one site. HBO Max seems like it could give Netflix and Prime a run for their money.


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