Bachelor 2020 Update: Where’s Madison Now?

Season 24 of ABC’s The Bachelor ended in a whirlwind fashion, leaving fans confused and curious about Peter Weber’s dating status and who he actually chose as a winner. As Bachelor Nation will remember fondly, way back in March 2020, the season ended with Peter’s proposal to Hannah Ann Sluss, a model from Tennessee, after his other choice contestant, Madison Prewett, dropped out at zero hour because of disagreements between Peter’s family and Madi. The proposal seemed half-hearted and slightly forced, as fans knew that Madi was the one that Peter had genuinely intended to choose in the end. Unsurprisingly, Hannah Ann and Peter broke up between filming the final and the live “After the Final Rose” segment. In a shocking twist, the one and only Chris Harrison persuaded Madi, a foster care coordinator from Auburn, AL, to find Peter and win him back. That worked, but only briefly, thanks to Peter’s headstrong mom, Barb, and their different lifestyles and beliefs.

Never-Ending Season

What has seemed like a never-ending season, Peter continues to provide much-needed gossip and drama this spring. After “dating” Madi for literally a single day, fate somehow found Peter quarantining with Kelley, a fan-favorite contestant, and lawyer from Chicago.  It took about a month for the two to finally admit that they were dating, and we wish nothing but the best for the pilot, as it seems that the third time (winner) is finally the charm. But what about Madi? The poor girl who slid through the season without an ounce of drama until the final deserves nothing but happiness, and while the country has currently pressed the pause button, we can’t help but wonder what has been going on in Peter’s runner-up’s life. 

Loser, Winner, Loser

Madi’s honestly been through the wringer. Peter’s family turned out to be too much for her, as her heart broke while leaving the show, then to only get him back for a few days, before his family (and the public) intervened again. And kudos to her, she handled that final interview episode with a lot of grace and strength. Reportedly, quarantine has provided a much needed mental rest for Madi. She’s been with her family in Auburn, relaxing and focusing on herself and her happiness. Staying out of the spotlight has been vital for Madi, taking time to zoom with her friends and live normally with her family at home. She is currently single but taking some time to reset after the whole Bachelor fiasco. Infamously back in March, Madi collaborated with other Bachelor contestants on a Tiktok that threw the ultimate shade at Peter. While iconic, we’re glad to see Madi thrive after so much heartbreak and craziness.