Minneapolis Protest: What’s Happening & All You Need Know

The death of many Americans comes from yet another rise of pandemic, not from COVID-19, but the continued murder of Black people due to police brutality. The death of another unarmed black man, George Floyd, soon creates an uproar of violence and protest across the nation. Here’s everything you need to know about what’s happening in Minneapolis right now.

Who, what, when happened?

It all began on Monday, May 25 when 46-year-old Floyd, a black man, tried to buy groceries at his local store Cup Foods in Minneapolis around 8 p.m.  Around this time, the police received a call from the store clerk notifying officers that someone was trying to pay for groceries using a counterfeit $20 bill. When the officers arrived at the scene, it is captured on video a non-resisting Floyd is seen handcuffed and detailed by two officers. In the next scene, captured by viral video, Floyd is seen pinned down by Minneapolis officer, Derek Chauvin. The white cop uses his knee onto the back of Floyd’s neck to subdue him for more than 5 minutes. Floyd is heard pleading with the officers more than once, “I can’t breathe! Please!” Police then call paramedics around 8:30, where they find an unconscious and unresponsive Floyd still cuffed. Medical officials pronounced Floyd dead at the local hospital at 9:25.

Minneapolis Riots

After the release of Floyd’s death to media, an outcry of supporters comes together share their unrest and injustice. Minneapolis has begun their third day of protest, as rioters took over the police departments 3rd precinct building on Thursday, May 28. Fires and looting soon started after, with thousands marching the streets with signs and others raiding their local Target. Riots have now sparked across the nation to Ohio, Kentucky, and New York.

President Trump and Twitter

As the media continues to broadcast the protest, fires, and looting, President Trump uses his Twitter platform once again to let Americans know how he feels the state of America. He also uses this time to condemn the Major and Governor of Minneapolis for being weak regarding the violence across the city. In the now censored tweet, Trump uses the term “THUGS” to describe the people in outcry of injustice. He then uses a quote from a known Miami police chief racist, who said the statement in response to riots in the late 1960s. You can view the uncensored tweet above, fair warning, it’s shocking!
Over the last week, Floyd’s death has taken over news platforms everywhere. Family members have yet to grieve as the pain is played over and over in the news.
Floyd’s brother, Philonise Floyd spoke out about his death and the continued protest.
“I want everybody to be peaceful right now, but people are torn and hurt because they’re tired of seeing black men die, constantly, over and over again,” he said.
As this is a delicate topic, we hope for positive updates as issues develops. Hopefully we see improvements with injustice and have the officers involved in the death of Floyd to be held accountable.

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