These IG Nail Influencers Are Serving Some Serious Inspo

Stay-at-home orders have been difficult and seemingly endless. Our last salon mani/pedis are long gone and if you’re like us, you’ve attempted many at-home nail makeovers. Whether those attempts were successful or not, there is a brighter day on the horizon. As many states begin to reopen certain parts of their economies, the prospect of getting a salon manicure doesn’t seem too far out of reach. To give you some inspiration for your next professional manicure that will make all of your friends jealous, we’ve put together a list of this summer’s biggest nail trends (with some help from Instagram’s top nail artist accounts, of course).

Lately, many nail enthusiasts have been exploring a new take on the classic French manicure. This new generation of “Frenchies” utilize color to spice up the classic look. Instead of a white line at the bottom of the nail, influencers have now started using color. We found a great example of how using multiple colors can take this trend to the next step. Below, you can see how Instagram’s nail expert @britneytokyo gives the trend this original touch.

The next trend is HOT. Literally, flaming hot. Flames have been a huge trend lately in fashion, accessories, and now even manicures. While mastering this look takes serious precision and accuracy, when it’s done right, it looks flawless. And to put a spring/summer twist on the trend, influencers such as @leximartone are using pastels to soften the look of the fiery trend.

Get ready for the most wild trend yet. That’s right, wild. Animal prints such as zebra and cheetah had a big comeback in the fashion and interior design industries a decade ago. While the trend has been dormant for a while now, some designers like Marc Jacobs think it’s time of the trend’s return and nail experts are jumping on the trend. Instagram’s top nail influencer @nailsbymei (according to her having the most amount of fans with 220,769 followers) recently shared a photo of her rocking a nail look with some serious animal vibes. See that post below.

Cuticles are usually something to hide, with nail artists pushing them back to reveal more of the nail. However, with this new trend, more attention brought the cuticle just means more style. Nail influencers have begun highlighting the cuticles, rather than hiding them, by actually painting them with color. In the example below, @mpnails draws even more attention to the cuticles by contrasting the bright colors at the top with a solid shade of black on the rest of the nail.

The last nail look to give a try this summer is inspired by a broader trend that many have taken up during quarantine: tie-dye. From dyeing matching sweat pants and sweatshirts to now taking over the nail artist industry, tie-dye has been a huge source of style inspiration during stay-at-home orders. Below you can see how @jessicawashick uses this trend to create a blended color look on her nails. Each nail blends into the next, creating a seamless and stylish look. So much fun!

So what trend are you going to try on your first trip back to the nail salon? Everyone could use some positivity and extra brightness right now, so we suggest having fun and trying one of these outrageous trends this summer.

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