How You Can Fit Into The New "Rain On Me" Music Video

It’s 2020 and honestly, there is nothing cooler than two strong women teaming up to create something amazing. Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande must know this, because they just came out with what will probably be the most catchy song of the year: “Rain On Me”. Better yet? The hit single comes with a music video that is fun, makes us want to dance and is full of stylish looks. If you’re on the same wavelength of inspiration as us, you definitely want to recreate the looks worn by Gaga and Grande. Lucky for you, we have the scoop on how to style your own “Rain On Me” outfit. Follow these steps and you’ll be ready to join either of the singers’ back up dancer groups in the music video. 

The first thing you might notice about their outfits are the skin-tight bodysuits. A few years ago, the trend of bodysuits came back in a big way… and they haven’t left! Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande know a hot, latex body suit better than anyone and they teamed up with a fashion label called Vex to create custom bodysuits that have never made a cool rainy day look hotter. Vex came out and explained that the inspiration for the tight outfits were “a mix of futuristic sci-fi and punk.” While you can’t have one of these custom-made bodysuits (tragic, we know), you can find ones very similar to those that Gaga and Grande rock in their new music video, even with similar silhouettes and even skirts available. 

The next outfit piece you’ll need to fit right into the “Rain On Me” music video dance-off is the perfect pair of boots. The crazy thing? You can have the EXACT pair that Ariana Grande wears in the video. While they’re not necessarily cheap, they are realistically affordable compared to what you would expect an A-List celeb to be sporting in a high-production music video alongside another A-List celebrity. Point is? They might be worth the splurge. You can find the, now iconic, pink and purple butterfly platform boots that Ariana wears at Dolls Kill. Go ahead Grande fans, treat yourself!

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Dolls Kill

Magic Solstice Platform Boots $128

Frankly, your look isn’t going to be complete without some pink or purple hair dye. Gaga rocks a bright shade of pink in the video, while Grande sings alongside her with a bit more muted tone of purple in her hair. Whether you decide to rock a high ponytail like Grande or down and covered in rain like Gaga, having the perfect color is the most important part of nailing the look. Lucky for you, we found some amazing shades of both pink and purple. 

Manic Panic

Cotton Candy Pink $13.99


Purple for Brown Hair Coloring Conditioner $29

While for most of the video, Grande and Gaga seem like polar opposites (and are even having a dance-off), they come together towards the end. Dancing and singing alongside each other, even holding hands, the video concludes with their teamwork. What visually makes their outfits more coordinated is matching white eyeliner. To top off your outfit, you’re going to want to try this bold makeup trend. 

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Okay, you look FABULOUS. You completed the look and would fit right into the “Rain On Me” music video. From head-to-toe, you are ready to join Gaga and Grande in the rain for a serious dance battle set to 2020’s new catchiest song.

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