Top 10 Must-See Tips to Occupy Your Time During Quarantine

I’m pretty sure during quarantine you have experienced all the days feeling the same, being bored in the house, a messed up sleep schedule, and you probably have an idea of what your next day is going to consist of. It is a pattern that seems difficult to get accustomed to. I know some of you want to get back to the way life was, but I feel as if we should take this free time that was given to us to better ourselves and figure out our purpose. So here are a few tips on how to occupy your time while you are stuck in quarantine:

Tip #1: Exercise

Exercising takes a lot of will power and self-determination. When we had our normal day to day life we would find excuses on why we were too busy to incorporate exercising, but now we have time to work on our summer body. Sometimes exercising before you start your day can better your mood and your body will thank you too. If you find it difficult to work out on your own, have someone who lives with you become your work out partner so you can both motivate each other.

Tip #2: Yoga/Meditate

Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice that gives you the ultimate “me time”. Yoga can help with flexibility, toning and strengthening muscles, and better energy. I watch Yoga With Adriene on YouTube when I want to practice yoga. Meditation can assist with reducing stress, control anxiety, lengthen the attention span, and create better self-awareness. This pandemic is a stressful time so taking at least 10 minutes out of your day to tap into yourself can be very helpful to maintain positive and peaceful energy.

Tip #3: Manifest Your Future

Figure out what you are going to do with your life once this pandemic is over. If you always had a dream of starting a business, take this time now to start your business plan. You can do research on career choices to figure out what steps to take or see if there are any internships you can do from home. You can decide if you would like to further your education and begin research on it. You can even manifest the lifestyle that you want with your family in the future. If you still can’t think of anything, you can write down simple goals that you want to achieve from now to 10 years from now.

Tip#4: Clean Up

When life was normal, some of us were too busy to get a deep clean in as often as we would like. You can take this time to go through your closet and get rid of old shoes and clothes that don’t fit. Clean out your garage or attic from the junk you no longer need. A clean space can create a happy space.

Tip #5: Redecorate

Being stuck inside for 8 weeks straight can make the scenery boring. Rearranging your room can give you a “new start” or fresh feeling. Stores are closed, but Amazon has just about everything, so you can find new decorations that can enhance your room.

Tip #6: Family Time

Family time is hard to have regularly when everyone has busy schedules. Now we have time to interact with our household. Pick a day where you guys have a group activity. Maybe you can watch a movie, have karaoke, play cards or board games, take a walk, or just sit down and have a group discussion or debate. We have to appreciate the time we have with each other while we’re here.

Tip #7: Cooking Skills

Everyone may not be a master chef in the kitchen, but we can get better now. I understand if cooking is not your thing, but why not practice? Find simple meals to make or look up new recipes to try out.

Tip #8: Water Challenge

Better yourself by creating little challenges. If you don’t drink a lot of water, try to now. I have attempted the gallon a day challenge, so I know drinking plenty of water may have you running to the bathroom, but we’re home now so that shouldn’t be an issue. There are so many benefits from drinking water so why not better yourself?

Tip #9: Photoshoot

Just because you only go from your bedroom to the living room, doesn’t mean that you have to look a mess while doing so. Doll yourself up and take pictures. Set up different backgrounds in your home or take pictures outside in your yard. They always say when you look good, you feel good.

Tip #10: Perfect Your Skill

If you are an athlete, go outside in your yard or an open field with little to no people and work on your craft. Don’t let this pandemic turn you lazy. Get out there and practice on your own. If you sing or dance, keep practicing. Many people are stuck on social media all day so you can record yourself and post It. You’re bound to get more views and maybe discovered.


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