Your Social Media Side Hustle is Really Annoying

Those two little letters may not look like much, but they carry a multi-billion dollar industry of social media influencing. Influencing is just part of the social media business puzzle. With influencing, blogging, online shopping and multi-level marketing businesses, there is big money to be had in social media. But before you get in on the payout, you may want to see what financially motivated posting will cost your online reputation. 
Luckily, a new study from Insight Pest Solution did some research on what types of side-hustles might really annoy your followers. The study, which looked at categories of social media “pests”, shows which type of financially motivated pests are especially annoying, and highlights what variety of posts you should avoid. 
The No. 1 most annoying financially-motivated pests were voted to be those who “post about their multi-level marketing business/ any get rich quick business or scheme” with about 30% of the votes. Needless to say, you definitely want to avoid these so-called “Instagram pyramid schemes”
Bots that automatically respond/ post were considered the most annoying posters for about 20% of voters. Luckily, as a regular human, you don’t have to worry about annoying followers like this. 
The remaining votes for annoying financially motivated pests were all centered around influencers. 
If you’re a wannabe influencer, you’re the most annoying poster for about 14% of voters. Maybe chill with the product shoutouts if you aren’t actually getting paid. 
Another 16% of voters thought that influencers and bloggers that post too much sponsored content were annoying. Do yourself a favor and hold back a bit on the #ad posts if you want to keep followers around. You do need them to make money after all! 
Finally, about 17% of voters found influencers in general to be annoying. So, if you can’t bear to lose a few followers, maybe the influencer game isn’t right for you.

Jake Paul Facing Backlash After Filming Looters
Jake Paul Facing Backlash After Filming Looters
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