4 Best Effective Ways to Enjoy Working From Home

Most of us have been working from home these last couple of months and may continue to do so for just a little while longer. Here are ways that you can make the best out of working from home and make sitting at your desk more appealing.

Set up a workspace

Even though you might not be able to go to your favorite outside spot, establish a workspace in your house. Whether that be your own room or another space in your house, set up a place that you know that you’ll sit and do your work. Once you establish this workspace, you can then revamp it to look exactly how you wish.

Listen to something you enjoy


Whether it’s a podcast or your favorite song, listen to something you enjoy! I love podcasts and I listen to all kinds such as ones that are both informational and entertaining. I try to balance out the genre of the podcasts because I feel like it’s good to have a balance of what I’m listening to. No matter what, try listening to something you love throughout the day and see what positive impact it has on you. 

Take breaks


Nothing good can come from overworking yourself. Take a break! You’ll be more productive if you at least take a 5-minute break to eat, talk with a friend or family member, or even casually scroll through your social media feed. A method of time management that I’ve recently looked into is energy time management. Instead of solely managing your daily activities based on a certain time of the day, you can mange them based on your energy levels. This method essentially is when you perform activities according to how much energy you have at a specific time. An example of this is if you feel like you don’t have enough energy to do a certain task that requires a lot of energy, but you still want to get work done. You can still get work done by doing another task on your to-do list that requires less energy from you such as folding your clean laundry and putting them away. These tasks will vary as different activities exhaust different energy levels for people, but figure out if this is something you might want to try out. Read more about managing your energy here. 

Dress to impress


Even though you may be working from home, it doesn’t mean that you have to dress in loungewear all the time (hey, hear me out!). I’ve definitely been wearing loungewear just like the majority of us, but I try to dress “up” at least once a week or so. If I know I’m going to have a video call or even a phone call, I try to dress just a little better than I normally would. I put on a shirt I like or maybe even jeans (I know what you’re probably thinking, but it really does make a difference). Even if I’m only wearing this outfit specifically for the call, I feel more productive by knowing that I put effort into what I wore.




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