Breaking: Farrah Abraham is still racist.

With the recent protests and riots across the United States tackling racial justice and police brutality, one would think that celebs with a less-than-stellar track record with the African American community would sit on the sidelines. “Not so fast! “ says Farrah Abraham! The Teen Mom + PornHub alum is in some hot water after some of her past comments exposed the hypocrisy of her George Floyd tribute.

While posting this video isn’t inherently a bad thing, it reminded some folks of things of some pretty racist stuff she’s said in her past. We’re not calling her a bad person, but jumping on the bandwagon of #BlackLivesMatter isn’t the best look. Here’s a look at some of her past comments:

A Random Attack on Blac Chyna:

Let’s set the scene here; You’re Blac Chyna and you just bought a sexy new choker you want to show off, so you go and post it on Instagram. Suddenly, one of the least relevant people you can think of that still has a following comments “F**kin monkey ewe s**t come up 4 what she is a nothing,”. The person in question? None other than Farrah Abraham! The attack came kind of out of nowhere, but it exposed Farrah for who she really is.

Chad Ochocino’s Mom:

When starring on Marriage Boot Camp, Farrah got into a pretty huge fight with the mother of co-star Chad Ochocino. To the shock of, uh, not many people, Farrah made the whole thing racist and said: “This is some trailer park trash! Disgusting black piece of sh–t.” Need we say more? Not a great look!

These protests are exposing more and more people who only want to jump on the #BlackLivesMatter movement for clout. Luckily, there are more than enough people to knock them off and not let the world forget just why they were labeled racists in the first place. Later Farrah!