5 Subscription Products Everyone Should Try At Least Once

Who doesn’t love the joy of receiving new products in the mail? Subscription products make sure that you don’t have to worry about physically having to go and buy the stuff you need, it just comes to you in the mail. However, it seems like nowadays, there are hundreds of different subscription products out there. How do you know which ones are the best for you? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you figure out exactly what you want with five of the best subscription products everyone should try.

1. Birchbox


One of the first subscription-style boxes, it’s no surprise that Birchbox had made the list. Now, almost ten years after being founded, Birchbox has only gotten better. If you’re unfamiliar with the company, you simply sign up on their website, fill out your beauty profile, and they’ll send you four to five trial size products for you to try out. These products include makeup, haircare, skincare, and perfume all coming from higher-end brands like Sunday Riley, MALIN+GOETZ, and even well-known brands like Smashbox Cosmetics. It’s one of the more expensive boxes, coming in at $15/month for the monthly plan, but the quality of the products makes the price so worth it. They even have the Birchbox Grooming Box for the fellas.

2. Cirkul


Water is something we all need to live, that much we all know. Water can also be boring, which makes people turn to more sugary drinks for a little kick. Cirkul works to make people drink more water by making water more exciting. The starter kit includes a bottle and two flavor cartridges, known as Sips. Cirkul is super customizable, from what flavors you get with every order to how intense the flavor of the Sip is. Simply turn the dial of the Sip once in the bottle and you can control how much flavor you get. Once you get into the actual subscription, the price does increase to $27/month for eight Sips, but there’s no obligation to order every month, it all depends on how much water you drink. The best thing is that the Cirkul bottle lid is compatible with many other wide-mouthed bottles like Hydro Flasks, so even if you just want the flavor, you can easily order only the lid and the flavors.

3. Stitch Fix


Raise your hand if you’re guilty of buying way too many clothes at once. Don’t worry, we’ve all done it, but Stitch Fix can help with that. Simply fill out your style profile and you’ll be matched with a personal stylist who will help you to fill your wardrobe with exactly what you want. Stitch Fix charges a $20 styling fee for each box (usually between four and five items), along with the price of the clothing, but also offers a discount if you choose to keep everything from the box. The stylists are always happy to help with specific queries too. Want to focus on workwear for the next box? They’ve got you. What about clothes for a night out? They can do that too. There, a wardrobe refresh whenever you need it without the guilt of spending¬†way too much money on clothes you won’t wear.

4. Quip


Every time you go to the dentist, they remind you to change your toothbrush every three months, but how often do you actually remember? Normally, it’s only time to get a new toothbrush when the bristles on your current one are absolutely destroyed. Enter Quip, your new dental hygiene best friend. Instead of having to buy a new brush each time, every three months (just like your dentist recommends), Quip will send you a brand new brush head and battery. Quip brushes are also gentler on your gums than the usual electric toothbrushes, using sensitive sonic vibrations over rotations, and the brush has a built-in timer to make sure you brush for the right amount of time. The starter kit, coming in at $30, includes the brush, a brush holder and cover, toothpaste, and floss. The refill plans, however, start at only $5 every month for just the brush head. Your mouth will thank you later.

5. Billie


Shaving is expensive, ridiculously so, and every woman knows that. Billie is here to make shaving a little less of a wallet-killer. Their razor starter kit is only $9 and includes the razor handle, two blades, and their “magic” holder for the razor. Subscriptions then come with another four refill blades at whatever intervals you choose. Their razor handle is ergonomic and made with rubber, ensuring that you never drop your razor while in the middle of a shave, the blades include charcoal shave soap in between them, giving your skin a deep clean with every swipe, and their “magic” holder makes sure that your razor isn’t sitting in a puddle in between shaves. It really is a shaving woman’s best friend.

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