This Girl Defies Gravity

There’s a video circulating recently that shows a girl jumping off a rope swing into a river, but on her way down she suddenly defies gravity, does a sick front flip, then completes her jump. It’s pretty crazy to watch, and we were scratching our heads after watching the first few times.
Pretty crazy right?
We’ve all gone down the YouTube rabbit hole of watching fat dudes snap rope swings and fall face first into the water, which is fully what we expected this clip to be. Predictable, classic comedy. This girl manages to go full Criss Angel Mindfreak and levitate for a second, change direction, and do a little somersault before completing her dive.
The clip had racked up over 350,000 views over the course of 2 weeks, and the comments are full of sleuths trying to figure out just what may have gone down. Some highlights include:
“wtf did i just watch? did she broke fisics?” – Fantastic question, fisics = broken.
“For a moment I thought that the simulation broke 😂” – If so, we wish we could break it all the time!
Turns out that it’s all just an optical illusion caused by shoddy camera quality. Notice that at the beginning of the video, there’s a smaller rope connected to the big handle she’s holding on to. When she let go, that wrapped around her leg and whipped her back, holding her in the air for a minute in the process. It’s a good thing she didn’t get pulled back more and fall on hard ground or else this would have been pretty tragic, but now this girl is forever known for doing a sweet trick – against her will.

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Breaking: Farrah Abraham is still racist.
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