WATCH: Soccer Fan Demolishes Referee

We stumbled upon this clip from a few years ago that shows probably the most badass thing to happen on a soccer field. In a sport that’s filled with just fake injuries and dudes crying about getting shoved a little bit, it’s refreshing to see someone take some real action and deliver a hit that counts – even though it wasn’t on or by a player. 
The clip, posted by the BBC, shows a spectator (rocking a pretty ridiculous fit of a grey hoodie with hood on and extremely bright blue shorts) running headfirst and absolutely rocking the ref, at which point the video ends. It’s a short clip that’s oh-so-satisfying to watch, and we’ve had it on loop.
The teams involved were Barry Athletic FC and FC Pumas, and the tackle took place around 20 minutes into the start of the game. According to fans in the stands and officials from either team, nobody knew who the tackler was or what his motivation was, he just kind of showed up and did it. You must be pretty bored to just go out and break a ref’s knees, but when you’re in Wales there must not be much else to do.
Post-attack, the assailant and his buddy actually ran and got in a getaway car. Who knows what this guy did to deserve the hit, but it was definitely premeditated in some way. Looks like the game got straight-up canceled after the whole ordeal because the ref was out for the count. A word of warning to anybody who’s thinking of being a referee for a small Wale’s soccer league: Watch your back, you may just have some random dude hit you with the Goldberg WWE spear. Let’s add some more excitement to soccer!