Casey Cott’s Girlfriend 2023: Who Is Casey Dating Now?

Riverdale’s Kevin Keller, played by actor Casey Cott, is enormously loved and recognized for his warmth, wit, and ebullience. He also embodies a cherished piece of Archie Comics’ history. Kevin was first introduced to the Archie Comics world in 2010 and, as the comic series’ first openly gay character in its 68 years of existence, he represented a milestone for the enterprise. Cott’s portrayal of Kevin on Riverdale celebrates this milestone while bringing new, important LGBTQ+ representation to mainstream television.

Kevin’s rich and compelling romantic journeys have led many to inquire about Cott’s off-screen dating life. Cott hasn’t spoken in great detail on his own sexuality – and he shouldn’t have to. There is also little known about Cott’s romantic history, although he has been linked to Broadway actress Stephanie Styles in the past.

Stephanie Styles

Dating back to 2016, Cott’s and Styles’ old social media posts tell a story of evolving romance. One photo from Styles’ Instagram page, posted on May 17, 2016, features a glitzy, cheerful photo of Styles and another actor – Hair Brained’s A.J. Shively – whom Styles refers to as her “date” in the post’s caption. And while Styles did begin sharing photos of Cott on her Instagram page later that same month, their early posts left the status of their relationship relatively ambiguous.

As time progressed, however, Styles eventually revealed – also via Instagram – that she and Cott had become an official couple. One particularly telling post from Styles’ Instagram page, dated October 20, 2016, features an individual photo of Cott and a cheeky caption that reads, “Hey, what’s that shirt made of because it looks like BOYFRIEND MATERIAL.” This lighthearted jest offered one of many early indications of Styles’ budding romance with Cott in the year of 2016.

The pair continued to share romantic highlights with fans throughout the course of 2017, with online posts marked by starry-eyed gazes, endeared smiles, and excited hugs. However, for undisclosed reasons, the pair reportedly split later that year. While Cott has since deleted all posts with Styles from his Instagram page, relics of their past romance can still be found through screenshots, old photos, and within the depths of Styles’ Instagram feed.

Casey Cott’s current relationship status is unclear. However, Riverdale has recently been confirmed for a fifth season, which means that fans can continue to look forward to following the adventures – romantic and otherwise – of Cott’s TV persona, Kevin Keller, as he continues to thrive on screen.