K-Pop Fans Troll Racist Twitter Hashtag

Since Monday, June 1st, the twitter hashtag #WhiteLivesMatter has been trending on twitter. Kpop stans noticed this and began their attack on the racists who created the hashtag on twitter. They posted videos of their favorite K-Pop bands and stars using the same hashtag in order to get the hashtag removed from twitter. They also used it to spread positivity during a time when racist tensions are very high in the country right now. Today, June 4, 2020, racists tried to overcome the K-Pop stans by changing the hashtag and creating a similar hashtag called #WhiteLiveMatter but the hashtag soon became overwhelmed with images and videos of K-Pop. The hashtag has moved to the four spot in trending with K-Pop being the topic under trending that we see on the explore page of twitter. Here are a few awesome examples of K-Pop fans trolling racists on twitter.

Thank you to all the K-Pop stans making a big difference against a racist hashtag that shouldn’t even be trending. We all appreciate you. If you want to donate or sign a few petitions to a few organizations to help with what is going on in the world right now, the links will be here.

Black Lives Matter


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