The 5 Sustainable Brands To Shop In 2020

Over the past decade, our society has turned into a more-is-more world with companies producing millions of and millions of new products for consumers to buy. Nowadays, the fashion industry is constantly releasing new collections and consumers are buying more new clothing more than ever. This constant consumption and over-producing of products have led to large amounts of plastic and textile waste in landfills. Here are five brands that are focusing on sustainability and working to offset their carbon footprint.

Tread by Everlane

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An extension of fashion brand Everlane, Tread’s philosophy is based on using better, more sustainable ways of producing sneakers. In fact, Tread produces one of the world’s lowest impact sneakers. These kicks are made with sustainable, durable materials and the soles are 94.2% free of virgin plastic. 

Grove Collaborative

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Need hand sanitizer, soap, and toilet paper? Grove Collaborative has you covered! This certified B corporation ships eco-friendly household cleaning products, personal care items, baby necessities, beauty, and more straight to your door. For $20 a year, members can take part in the subscription, and customers can place orders whenever they want, schedule orders in advance, or place monthly subscriptions for items. New customers receive a 60-day free trial and a generous welcome gift too. Grove Collaborative has also recently announced that the company will be plastic-free by the year 2025. 

For Days

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For Days wants to put an end to clothing waste. Countess consumers find themselves donating unwanted goods, and although some garments might find a good home, surveys have shown that up to 85% of donated clothes still end up in landfills. This company wants to take the closed loop clothing route and put an end to fast fashion. When you buy an item from For Days, send them back your old clothing items of yours to receive a major discount on your order.


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Think of this brand like fast fashion’s cooler, more responsible sister. Los Angeles based brand Reformation has clothes for every occasion. From classic staples, like a white t-shirt and jeans to formal attire dresses for weddings and prom. The brand even uses recycled paper hangers and packaging with 100% consumer waste materials.


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This company has created a pretty cool concept – thrift shopping, but through the internet. The website even works the same way a thrift store would. Browse the website and choose new or pre-loved clothing items and purchase them for an affordable price. You can also send your new or gently worn clothing items back to the company in exchange for the items they accept will be listed for sale. Once someone else buys your item you will make some money back that you can redeem for cash or use on your next order.

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