How To Celebrate Father’s Day From Home

Father’s Day is on June 21st, 2020 and many of us are still in quarantine with our families. Many of us usually have father’s day barbeques with our families, but this year it might not be happening. Here are a few things you can do for your father this year without leaving the comfort of your home while still social distancing and following state guidelines. Also, these tips will help you plan ahead before father’s day hits and you are scrambling to figure out what to do.

Call Your Dad

Depending on your family situation, calling your dad might be the best option. Whether you have already moved out or your parents are no longer together, calling your dad and wishing him a Happy Father’s Day will make his entire day. You can facetime, skype, do a phone call or even call him and mom on a zoom meeting and spend some time with them.

Make Him A Card

You can always go the more traditional route and make your dad a card. If you still live with your parents or your dad is in your household still, making him and handing him a card on Father’s Day is the easiest route. If you can’t hand him the card in person, there is always the option of mailing him the card. Just make sure you mail it a week before Father’s Day so that he receives it on time and can open it on a video call.

Order His Favorite Takeout For The Big Day

Since many of us are in quarantine, going out to eat right now isn’t the best option. Depending on what state you are in, the option for outdoor dining might be available, so you might be able to swing it. If not, tell your father nothing and work with your mom to order his favorite takeout place for lunch or dinner. It will really make him smile and enjoy his favorite meal with his favorite people. Make sure you wipe and sanitize everything before eating everything.

Spend Time With Your Father

Finally, spend time with your father in person or on skype. If you can spend time with your father in person, cook one of his favorite meals together, watch one of his favorite movies with him, or just enjoy his company. No matter what you do for Father’s Day this year, your only concern should be making your father feel extremely special on his special day.