How To Prepare For A Protest: 3 Must-Know Things

I am beyond proud of everyone gathering together to fight for a change. Protesting is a powerful movement, but all of you brave people must stay safe while doing so. When you are out protesting make sure you are properly dressed and bring a backpack for necessity items.

What to Wear

When you are going out to protest it is imperative that you dress accordingly to prevent any harm. Social distancing is hard to do while protesting so still bring a mask. You should wear plain comfortable long sleeves, pants, sneakers, and some type of protective eye-wear. The clothes will help protect you from chemicals, falling, and hiding any identifiable features and protective goggles should help with the tear gas, thrown objects, pepper spray, etc. Also, try to avoid wearing contacts because the pain of the tear gas or pepper spray can be worse. Carrying a backpack or fanny pack is ideal for storing items too.

What to Bring

Pack light, inside your backpack you should have water for drinking and tear gas, snacks, cash, ID, a washcloth, first aid supplies. You can also bring protest signs to help share your voice a little more. Do not bring anything you would not want to get arrested with. You should also use the buddy system. Bring someone with you so you can look after each other.

How to help

Even if you are not outside protesting you can still show your support and have a voice through social media. You can also show up to protest and drop off cases of water, snacks, rags, and any type of medical supplies. Sign petitions, email/text, call, or donating are simple ways to help. The Instagram photo tagged has a few different sources you can connect with to help give support.