Skai Jackson Uses Social Media To Combat Online Racists

Skai Jackson is writing checks and cashing them out in regard to her dedication to exposing racist people online this week. With the rise of the Black Lives Matter Movement, many racists have been exposed for their prejudice opinions on the topic, and Jackson has been to the long list of people.

The Disney star took to Twitter to repost screenshots from her DM, that expose racist teens and fans. Jackson encouraged her following to point out racism on social media from classmates and peers, as it won’t be tolerated anymore. On June 4, Jackson tweeted, “Tweet me the receipts”.

Jackson’s Twitter account shows countless names and pages being exposed for racist tweets, messages, and posts regarding Black people and the BLM Movement. The fan response was immediate, soon after fans responded with personal information of the racist that included schools, colleges, and addresses. In many cases, Jackson tagged their school in the post demanding the campus takes action against these types of students.

“We take all allegations brought to our attention seriously, and investigate them to the fullest extent possible. This case is being handled by administration. Thank you”, wrote Romwan University in response to Jackson’s tweet regarding a student.

Jackson also took to Instagram to let even her Instagram followers know that no racism will be tolerated, and that you will be exposed for you are. “Your privilege won’t get you out this one!”

Jackson received much praise from her celebrity counterparts for using her platform in support of Black Lives Matter, and calling out racism on the spot. Jackson also called out other celebrities to do the same and to speak up on what’s going on today.